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Our M.D. once gifted two solar lanterns in a remote school lacking electricity, located on a remote plateau at 1700 feet. The delight on their faces moved him. Next, the entire village wanted these lanterns at a reasonable price. That indeed was a challenge. He started studying different solar lanterns but was not happy. He wanted a lantern that promised good light, would work even in monsoons & ideally built for the rural environment. The power of prayer and deep contemplation led us to an amazing discovery and soon we were out with our own Solar Lantern. The villagers loved it, and our M.D. was the most happiest person on earth. With the instant success, we were soon out with solar tubelights and also a range of over 50 solar and led based gizmos and gadgets available online on our website

Belifal was founded on 29 Jan, 2008 and is a privately-held company in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Belifal produces and markets innovative renewable energy solutions for rural India and rest of planet earth. The company has introduced unique solutions like solar lanterns which even work in monsoon season, Solar Mobile Chargers, DC ceiling fans which work only on 36 watts, and the ultimate power saving SURYA SHAKTI GENERATOR a complete off grid power solution for homes which include DC powered fans and 9 diff lighting options and also can power TV or Laptop or PC or small Fridge in emergencies. The range of Solar Led powered Tubelights and Street lights are absolutely monsoon friendly and are available at very economical price options. Also B has just introduce DC powered water Pump solutions from 1 HP to 10Hp and even existing Pumps can run on a new technology option without batteries too! B solar AC is another path breaking cool solution for hot summers.