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Belifal BLDC Ceiling Fan With Remote Control AC Power Supply Fan


Length: 50CM
Width: 40CM
Height: 30CM

Weight: 5KG


  • Incubated with BLDC motor technology, the most energy efficient motor constructed with Brush-less DC Technology.
  • Performance centric & consumes 1/3 rd power as compared to the conventional fan. Consumes only 32Watts Max at the highest speed 360RPMs.
  • Save Power, Save Money – 60% Saving on Electricity & 100% Breeze.
  • There six breeze control buttons.
  • Smart Remote controlled.
  • Timer and Sleep Model.
  • Runs 3 time longer on inverter.
  • Same air flow on half electricity consumption
  • Inbuilt voltage Stabilizer.
    1. Breeze Control=> 1 will consumes 4watts
    2. Breeze Control=> 2 will consumes 7watts
    3. Breeze Control=> 3 will consumes 12watts
    4. Breeze Control=> 4 will consumes 18watts
    5. Breeze Control=> 5 will consumes 24watts
    6. Breeze Control=> 6 will consumes 30watts
  • Employs 100% copper winding and BLDC technology. Features with Remote, programmed with multiple options.
  • There are three another buttons “2H”, “4H” & “8H” which are used to automatically turn off the fan after 2, 4 & 6 hours respectively.
  • In case for further information you can mail us at or you can call on our helpline number 08080515555 /09821072175.


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