SOLAR FAN - New latest solar technology
Belifals amazing Solar Fans is an affordable product making an ideal replacement for the electric fans. Its solar panel charges the battery box during day time to give you cool breeze at anytime. Also the fans can work on electric power during monsoon using extra adapter. Now you can save money by using solar energy which is absolutely free.

Belifal's Fans
F1 Belifal Mini Fan
Solar Fan Mini
Rs 2999 Button More Info Icon
F4 Belifal 14" Cool Fan
Rs 7500 Read More button
F7 Low Power DC Ceiling Fan
Rs 3800 Button More Info Icon
12'' Cool AC & DC Solar Fan
Belifal Solar Fan
Rs 3999 Read More
F5 Belifal Super Storm Fan
Rs 8050
F8 High Power DC C Fan
Rs 4100 Button More Info Icon
F3 Belifal 12" Cool Fan
Rs 6150 Read More button
F6 Blade less table fan 10"
F6 Blade less fan
Rs. 3600 Read More
F9 Low Power AC Ceiling Fan
Rs 1750 Button More Info Icon
Solar Fan
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Rs.2,050 to Rs.30,000 from 8 sellers ...

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